LINEC Courses 

Welcome to the Learning Institute of New England College (LINEC) “bridge to knowledge” for adult lifelong learners.  For over 30 years we have offered learning opportunities in science, history, geology, social sciences, travel, and the arts.

Our instructors are highly-educated volunteers with experience in their fields.

    • Some are retired.
    • Some are still employed.
    • Some are members.
    • Some are experts outside of LINEC.
    • Some are New England College staff.

Please scroll through the course offerings. First, pick Membership in order to register. 

Click here to see the 2023 Fall Term courses.
Registration opens on September 1, 2023

DEADLINE is September 22 at midnight.

NEC Parking Form for on campus parking. (Only needed for The Ascent of Money class on Mondays 4-6pm)